Luciana Naldi


Luciana Naldi 

It's time you  stop trying  to "fix yourself" and start focusing on "caring" for yourself. I'm here to show you HOW to do it in a way you've never seen or experienced before.... with you as the GURU.

My name is Luciana Naldi, Self-Care Strategist and Coach.  Imagine a version of  caring for yourself  that empowers and uplifts you mentally, physically and emotionally. Imagine OWNING, DESIGNING and LIVING  YOUR version of HEALTHY and HAPPY ( not your mom's, your spouse's,  your friends, or that person you follow on social media) unapologetically and guilt free. Say What??? That's what REAL EFFECTIVE self-care can do for you.  It's your opportunity to become a GURU and EXPERT in giving yourself what you need, when you need it, instead of spending thousands on POO-RUS ( self-proclaimed health and fitness experts that teach you nothing, charge you a lot of money and make you feel bad about yourself while their doing it.) No, you're not weak, you don't need more willpower, or to " get tougher."   YOU"RE RIGHT and THEIR WRONG. Self-Care is REALLY ABOUT finding and doing what's good for YOU ( mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually)  CONSISTENTLY and INTENTIONALLY.  This is where you start to move towards YOUR version of SELF-CARE. YOUR version of HEALTHY, HAPPY, and HELL YES! You owe that to yourself FIRST and FOREMOST. 



What I do, Why I do it and How it can help you.....


Self-Care Ninja and Twin Herder
mom/life Balance 

My husband and I cannon balled into parenthood when we unexpectedly and spontaneously welcomed two sets of twins two and a half years apart. Read on to learn more about how IT TRANSFORMED our lives in the most AWESOME WAY and how it can HELP YOU. 

 My favorite shot from the Dove Real Beauty Campaign. 

My favorite shot from the Dove Real Beauty Campaign. 

Alopecia Warrior and Beauty rebel

April 2018

From being called a man ( yeah that really happened!) to having the honor of being part of Dove's Real Beauty campaign. I share the biggest lessons learned and wisdom gained on a my journey to and through becoming a bald, bold beauty. 

Speaker, Teacher and People Encourager

Having spent 10 years as a high school educator and  championship winning basketball coach and the last 4 as an entrepreneur,  guiding, supporting and uplifting others is IN MY BLOOD. It's what I do and who I am.  It's not something I picked up randomly. I've practiced and honed my skills in it in various capacities ( online and offline), with a variety of age groups ( kinder through adults) and topics of focus.  While I will always be a student of life, I enjoy and am honored to teach anything and everything that has allowed me to find success in motherhood, health, happiness and this crazy circus called life. 


Successful Self-Care Weekly Planner

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is " how do you do it?" The answer is simple.  I drink ungodly amounts of coffee and stare at inspirational memes all day. Just kidding. The truth is I'm organized and focused on who and what matters most to me and my energy and actions align to that. I plan what's most important in each of the areas of my life I want my time to go to on a daily , weekly and monthly basis.This is the easy to follow, step by step,  weekly planner I use to set and crush goals, stay focused on what matters most FOR ME and TO ME, and makes me feel like I have my  sh*t  together like all the perfectly coiffed pinterest  and instafamous moms out there.  You CAN  use this to make progress, stay focused and keep a mindset of success even if you have the attention span of a flea, hoard planners but never use them or are the least organized person on the planet.  It's that simple and you owe it to yourself to make this the last time you start over.   



One on One  Coaching

One on One Coaching is available both in person and virtually.  It's an in depth look at your current beliefs, habits and priorities, a co-creation of a NEW PLAN, HOW to practice it in your real life, HOW to NAVIGATE CHALLENGES and SUPPORT YOURSELF mentally through the good days and the challenging ones and CELEBRATION of each step that puts you closer to how you want to feel. 

I currently offer One On One Coaching in the following areas

Nutrition Skills ( for adults, athletes and parents looking to instill healthy ones in their children) 

Growth Mindset ( for adults, mothers and athletes) 


Together we:

Assess your current priorities and values in your life as it is now. 

Assess your current habits, beliefs and areas you'd like to focus on improving or changing 

Choose which skills and habits would be your best starting point and HOW AND WHEN you are going to intentionally practice them in your real life

Decide on a plan that equips you  to deal with challenges, plot twists and surprises ( because they happen to everyone!) while also making progress

Cultivate an  empowering and supportive mindset so you can SUPPORT yourself when you're with me and when you're not

Create a plan that is allows you to track, tweak and have a record of everything that's worked, what hasn't, how you've felt doing it and use that to guide future actions. 


To receive a FREE NUTRITION ASSESSMENT ( which is an in depth questionnaire and a enthusiastic and sincere convo with me either face to face or over the phone) click the link below, fill in the questions and press submit.  

I will be in touch within 24 hours if on a weekday or 48 hours if on  a weekend, because #momlife is my real life.  

I care about your questions, concerns, and thoughts so feel free to reach out to me at for specific questions and information and I will respond personally and promptly.  

I look forward to talking with you and supporting you on your journey forward. 



I have access to personal power I haven’t felt since becoming a mom.
— Deanna Gale Dawson

"Luciana Naldi clearly communicates that there is nothing in life that can suppress your authentic self. Her personal story reminds the listener that attitude is everything and our "Yes" to a future of positivity is possible!  
Dr. JoLynn DiGrazia



Self-Care Success Stories

 It was SO EMPOWERING  to feel like I had support and guidance. It was like being in a boat flopping around the sea, all the tools I needed were there - but disorganized and stashed who knows where. Luciana HELPED ME  grab the steering wheel, learn how to steer it, grab the tools I already had - and use them.

Pretty much every single thing is different. I am now totally sober, exercising regularly, making sure regular rest and self care are part of my every day routine. I consider my care as important as everyone else in my house, and I am making time to prepare myself delicious foods that I enjoy.  

Deanna Gale Dawson - Client Support and Sales at Todd Herman



I absolutely LOVED the time I shared with Luciana. I am a BETTER, CALMER, and more CREATIVE MOTHER. I am pointed in the direction of life I have always wanted to create. 

Deanna Gale Dawson 


I was looking for help in balancing my LIFE. I was struggling with the balance between providing for my children and husband and home, but not myself at all.

We spoke via FB messenger after I reached out (the first step - reaching out for help) and you HEARD me. Validated the struggle. I felt like I was part of a village because I no longer felt alone. It was so meaningful to me that I felt normal and surrounded by support.  You also supported my change of mindset that taking time for myself isn't always exercise, it can be small deeds for myself that are special.

Colleen Rooney White - Teacher

I was so touched by the time you took to check in with me, and again to hear and validate what I was doing and what I NEEDED TO DO for myself. And that I was worth it.
— Hulda Modi

My first session with Luciana made me realize that I had lost sight of myself and didn't know what I wanted. Once I faced my issues, the following sessions became revelations for me and I was able to find making small changes created BIG IMPACTS within my life and I feel like I have a better mindset moving forward. One of the most beneficial parts of the process was discussing my issues without judgement.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Hulda Modi



Putting myself first, loving and seeing myself, taking things on one at a time, and not stressing over what I can’t control are some of the positive changes I noticed as I worked with Luciana.
— Hulda Modi

Start your self-care journey today! 

The journey to healthy, happy, sustainable self-care begins  THE MOMENT you make HOW YOU FEEL a priority and take ACTIONS to support that. If everything that's happened up to this point has led you to BELIEVE WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY and NON- NEGOTIABLE moving forward, let's talk. I know I can help you choose the next best steps to YOUR BEST SELF. 

Click the button below if you are ready to make YOUR SELF-CARE A PRIORITY and are ready to learn the skills needed to make that a reality. Share where you are right now with me ( and no one else!) and I will respond personally.