Luciana Naldi

Speaker, TEacher, Self-Care Coach

I provide strategies and support for REAL, lasting habit change based in body positive, evidence based skills and practices that work in people’s messy, unpredictable REAL LIVES. I give you the tools that help people filter the b.s. of the diet and fitness industry, reclaim their idea of health, then live it.

Become FIERCE in the pursuit of what matters most to your wellbeing as a person.

Become FOCUSED on the activities and skills you need to move forward and get the results you want.

Become FREE of restrictions, rules and other people’s expectations by building a mindset of resiliency, authenticity and positivity.

Get mentally strong and confident in your ability to do what allows you to feel your best, mentally and physically, and feel good while you’re doing it.


1. Reclaim your version of healthy, happy Self-care

 This is where you reclaim YOUR vision of healthy and  happy and ditch the one size fits all way of thinking about health and fitness. This week is about learning the system that we will use to set goals, work towards them, monitor progress and make adjustments along the way.


2.Skill #1 - Own your power to make changes

What growth mindset is, why it's your secret sauce to EVERYTHING you want to do, be or feel more in your life and exactly how to cultivate it. This is where you learn to ditch the all or nothing, black and white, good food/bad food way of thinking that’s kept you yo-yoing on and off the wagon and instead build self efficacy and confidence in your decision making.  

3.skill #2 -  get comfy with eating habits 

Learn the essential nutrition skills, and which are most important to foster a relationship with food, not an obsession with it. This is where you start learning and practicing a way of eating that works for your body and your needs, as they change and you do. The goal here is to understand and practice moving from “rules” and restrictions to self-regulation and trust.


4.skill #3 - Rolling with resistance

This is where you learn the two strategies that support consistency with your habits and what to do when resistance surfaces ( because it will and that's ok!) You'll practice managing challenges, navigating roadblocks and generating solutions. 


5.SKill #4 - Maintain or move on

We will check in with how your food skill practice is going and each person will have the option to either continue practicing or move on to a different skill. 


6.Skill #5 - redefining beauty

This is where you learn to resist, redefine and reclaim your body as an instrument to experience and live your life, instead of an ornament to be viewed or approved of by others. You’ll have a step by step guide of what to do to build a positive and powerful relationship with your body and what it can do.


7. Skill #6 - REsilience 101

 This week is all about tools and strategies to help you build and maintain resilience as you journey through practicing self-care, nutrition and body confidence skills.


8.  Put succeed and celebrate on repeat

Once you learn and understand the system of implementing habits, you can use it, tweak it and repeat it to improve or enhance your well being in any area. This week is about looking back at what progress you’ve made, what you’ve learned and what you will focus on moving forward into the last part of the year.




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