Your time is now! 

Exclusive coaching to help you become the healthiest, happiest, most kick ass version of you. 

A few years ago I was stuck, feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and overwhelmed  after quitting my job and staying at home to raise both sets of twins. Pretty much the OPPOSITE of what you see above.  I was physically tired, mentally and emotionally overwhelmed ( despite having help!) and  I was overcome with guilt over the fact that motherhood wasn't fulfilling me in the way I had hoped and thought it would.  So  I began to take stock of what I needed to be the best mother, woman and human I could be.  I started reading, researching and delving inward to figure out  who I was going to be other than the " woman with two sets of twins"  and it was scary asking those questions. I decided I needed help to sort this out and started reaching out to people I knew, reading, attending seminars, watching videos and then I hired a coach and dove into the world of personal development, mindset and building the life I truly and deeply wanted for myself and my family. I slowly but surely began implementing everything I learned about mindset, combined it with my own background in nutrition, movement and teaching and really became my first client. I uncovered what I needed to feel fulfilled in all areas of my life and started putting the habits and practices I learned immediately into use.    Pretty soon after  I had some pretty amazing things happen.

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  • I lost the 70 lbs I gained with my second twin pregnancy in 6 months, without crazy diets or exercising 5 hours a day.   
  • I  gained a confidence and gratitude for my body after children 
  • I gave up needing "permission" to be and do what made me the best mother, woman and human I could be
  • I finally cracked the secret food code of what nourishes my body and makes it run like a Ferrari instead of a Pinto.
  • I learned how to deal with the thoughts, criticisms, and expectations I was placing on myself in a more positive and empowering way. 
  • I learned how to focus on what was most important and put down what wasn't. 
  • Most of all I wrote my own happily ever after story of motherhood that allowed me to balance MY NEEDS and my families, without losing myself in the process! Something everyone told me wasn't possible. 

 Did I mention I did all this while also raising two sets of twins and staying happily married? (#nojoke) My main point in telling you this is to make you believe that you don't have to experience the roller coaster I did before deciding to take action on caring for yourself as a mom. It is possible for you to  WRITE A STORY OF MOTHERHOOD THAT EMPOWERS, INSPIRES AND STRENGTHENS YOU  without sacrificing how you care for or love your children, and without losing yourself in the process. 


This is for you if...

  •  You're a new mom or a seasoned pro who is committed and open to making positive mental and physical changes. 
  • You're ready to dig deep and ditch the habits and ways of thinking that are not serving you, empowering you or making you feel like the kick ass mother you are
  • Want to feel strong, connected and happy about how you look, feel and move in the body you have now
  • Want to learn the habits that take the guesswork out of eating healthy and stressing about it!
  •  Want to know how to establish and nurture a positive and empowering mindset when things are going well and when they are not. 
  • Want to know how to make self-care work in your real life as a mom
  • Are looking for a space that is judgement free, nurturing and supportive.  A place where you can be you. 
  • Have a sense of humor ( because I do and use it frequently!  
  • Are ready to invest in yourself ( because you matter as much as your children do!) .  
  • Are ready to become FIERCE, FEARLESS and UNAPOLOGETIC  about what you need to thrive RIGHT NOW.  


Curious as to What kind of results women are getting? 

I helped a young woman struggling to love and accept her body after having her baby, shift her mindset from one of dislike and disgust to one of strength and empowerment. She now focuses on the amazing and incredible things her body can do and it has become part of her habit to nourish it with those thoughts in addition to movement and food.  Here's a little more of her story below: 


 I helped another client  become more aware and mindful of  not comparing herself to others, then supported her in finding and  focusing on her specific nutritional and movement needs, as she  conquered  her adrenal fatigue with food, movement and self acceptance.   Here's what she had to say. 

First of all, Luciana really listens to you while you are learning to listen to your body. She can sift out the normal “ give up” attitude and detect when it is really physical limitations or limiting beliefs that need to shift. She read up on my condition ( adrenal fatigue) and taylored our sessions with that in mind. During the physical workouts, she always checked to see if I was ok and she followed up after the sessions to make sure I was feeling alright. She is a great encourager and never judges you. She doesn’t just meet with you and then forget about you. She is always reading and finding new ways to meet everyone’s special circumstances and each and every interaction with her is personal and you can feel it. She is the most positive person I know. Her energy and passion for helping others improve their health and their life is contagious.


  Or check out more happy women on our Client Love Page! 

How coaching works

  1. Schedule a free Self-Care Support Call ( 30-60 minutes) by clicking on the link below and choosing a time convenient for you, and I will be in touch.
  2. During our call, I listen and ask questions  to help you discover what you really need and want to feel the way you want to feel. I believe that YOU are the expert in YOU and the right questions lead us to the right answers. For some this is enough to get them pointed in the right direction and IT"S COMPLETELY FREE. :)  I will be honest about whether or not I feel we are a good fit to work together and if I feel I am right for you. 
  3. You purchase the coaching package that fits your needs right now ( with enthusiasm and excitement of course!), receive a  contract and a personalized Kickstart Kit ( which includes a questionnaire designed to help you get a laser focus on your goals and visions for our time together.)
  4. We will schedule a standing coaching appointment, where we candidly and caringly get down to business.  ( my favorite part!)
  5. I guide you and support you as you see incredible changes unfold in yourself, and your life. 

Please understand that your are not like everyone else so your program  won't be like anyone else's. It's  personalized to support you in creating your best self , get the results you desire and set a foundation for your future success as an empowered mother and woman.  Some women choose to focus solely on the physical aspect of self care ( meaning food and movement habits.) Other women choose to focus on the mental and emotional aspects of motherhood and how to deal with that in a way that doesn't leave them wracked with guilt, anxiety or doubt about what they're doing and how they're doing it. Because we each need something different, there is no cookie cutter program for this. I guarantee you will be heard, understood and be given tools and strategies to move forward on a weekly basis in a supportive, judgement free and genuinely loving space. If this sounds like what you need and desire in your heart, read on below to the details of working together or schedule a call and let's talk and see if we are fit to work together. 

The Details

 I'm not here to give you a quick fix, make you believe you are broken, shame or guilt you into changing.  I am here to meet you where you are right now, help you establish a strategy and plan to reach your goals and show you what and how to make it happen to get the results you want.  

One on one coaching is meant to help you get off the merry go round of new diets, intense workouts, multiple cups of coffee, exhaustion and overwhelm. I get that this is an investment and as mothers we have NO PROBLEM dropping money on our kids but have a mental tug-of-war if we even think of buying ourselves new underwear! That's the exact mindset I work to help you shift. From a place of feeling unworthy and undeserving of your own time, to OWNING and then PRIORITIZING the actions that will have the most positive impact,  and then doing it. Understanding that taking care of you isn't equal to neglecting your children. When what you've been doing hasn't been working and you know, like you know, like YOU KNOW you are READY to feel like yourself again, reach out. Ask questions. Get more info. This  may be the right time or it may not. Either way take a step towards your own happily ever after in motherhood and let's talk. 


Here's how we start : 

12 WEek  ONE-ON-ONE COACHING is a complete self-care transformation

  •  You receive a Preliminary Welcome Packet and Questionnaire  to help me get to know you and your areas of greatest need
  •  12 45 Minute Coaching Calls Via Skype, over the phone  or in person if you are local to the Central Valley of California ( I have a 30 mile travel limit) 
  • Resources based upon your individuals needs ( workbooks, food journals, movement journal and evaluation, videos or books) 
  • Access to the exclusive M.O.M Squad private facebook community 
  • Unlimited email and text support while we are working together ( I will respond within 24 hours) 

By the end of our sessions together you will : 

  • Know the foods and habits that support and nourish you physically ( they are not the same for everyone!), how to implement them, scale them and track them so you can celebrate your SUCCESS. 
  • Have found balance and consistency with your own personalized self-care routine
  • Understand what and how to prioritize your self-care without feeling selfish, guilt ridden or overwhelmed. 
  • Be able to say NO confidently to what isn't supporting or serving you in your life so you can say YES to what matters most to you
  • Know how to establish and cultivate a positive mindset around food, movement, your body and keep it going after our work together is done.
  • Honor and appreciate the body you have now without beating yourself up for " what it once was " before you had kids or when you were in " better shape" 
  • Have a healthy, balanced and consistent approach to your physical and mental health that works in YOUR life. 
  • Understand and know how to prevent and reduce the amount of stress you have in your life and actually do it
  • Have a plan moving forward that you feel good about and excited to continue at the end of our time together. 

What you can expect from me : 

  • To respect and hold true to YOUR GOALS AND VISION OF SUCCESS  throughout the process. 
  • To constantly support, inspire and motivate you not in a " your a special snowflake" kind of way but with real talk, strategies, kindness, empathy and honesty at all times.
  • To make the experience personal and tailored just to you. My goal is to help you uncover and implement what works for YOU consistently, positively and in a way that's sustainable. 
  • Enthusiasm, occasional dirty humor and fun. This process of change and learning at times can feel challenging and heavy and I will always bring light and love and fun to our interactions no matter the topic or challenges you face. 
  • To keep you accountable and challenge you when needed. 


What I expect from you : 

  • A commitment to the process - this isn't a quick fix, 21 day diet or short term turn key operation. It's one step after the other, showing up and engaging in every session intentionally and purposefully. 
  • A commitment to yourself - I get it. This has been a struggle and it's why you are even considering working with me. Make the decision to start and finish the whole program for you, by you. 
  • A commitment to the homework and activities provided. The questions and reflections bring clarity, realizations and understanding about yourself that is both joyful and helpful. 
  • To challenge yourself and move forward even when you are uncomfortable. That's were the magic happens. 
  • To be consistent and take ACTION DAILY even if in some small way. 
  • To succeed. To have fun. To enjoy this process and this life


I helped a young woman struggling to love and accept her body after having her baby, shift her mindset from one of dislike and disgust to one of strength and empowerment. She now focuses on the amazing and incredible things her body can do and it has become part of her habit to nourish it with those thoughts in addition to movement and food.  Here's a little more of her story below: 

After having a baby, I was sure I would never get back in track and I hated going in public because of how I looked and felt. I had a very hard time not judging myself for how I looked. I was tired all the time, had no energy to play with my child or do anything around the house. I have learned so much from working with Luciana and now wake up energized and excited for my day. I no longer struggle with loving myself and am excited for what the future holds.
Natalie A. - California

Natalie A. - California