My pretty woman moment.....

Ever since I watched the movie Pretty Woman I loved the idea of  a " pretty woman moment."  While the one in the movie was about her returning to a store where she'd been dismissed by the ritzy and snobby women working there because of how she looked I always thought of it as someone doing something no one thought they could do or becoming someone no one thought they could be. I thought of it as one of triumph, empowerment and strength. 

I always wondered ( and secretly wished!) to have my own " pretty woman moment." 


Flash forward 20 years and I've just become the mother of two sets of twins, quit my career, was attempting to start another one as an entrepreneur and I come across a woman named Emily Williams. She was a business coach and at the time epitomized what I wanted to be from a business standpoint. She was successful financially, traveling to exotic locations to work with people and mastermind with other women in business, writing,  making a positive difference in a way SHE HAD DESIGNED.  The freedom and ease with which she did all this was captivating and intriguing to me so I signed up to take a course with her and ditch the business shame I felt for not being able to bring in the amount of money I desired right out of the gate. 

By joining her course I put myself in a group of women that were WAYYY ahead of where I was in business.  Many had already made 6 figures or more, had established websites, email lists of thousands, passive income on repeat and I was at the beginning of learning what a lead magnet was while trying to breastfeed babies and corral 2 year olds. 

I felt completely out of my element and had no idea how to connect with these women ( even though I wanted to become one), and balance motherhood with this new education I was getting and needed to give my business and ideas a foundation. 

One day Emily sent an email talking about having a " pretty woman moment." She referenced the movie and talked about walking into a real estate agent's office while searching for an apartment in London and being turned away from where she really wanted to live for not having enough money to cover the rent. Five and a half years later, she returned to that same office, confidently gave her NEW higher price range and was promptly shown to her NOW DREAM DIGS. 

I loved that story and after hearing it I thought if I ever had a pretty woman moment, it would be similar, and based around financial freedom. Little did I know, my own pretty woman moment would be much different and have nothing to do with money. 

When it did happen, I sent Emily an email, thanking her and sharing my pretty woman moment with her.  You can read the email I sent her, my pretty woman moment and everything that happened after below. 

Dear Emily, 

Do you remember when you wrote the email about having a "pretty woman moment?" It seriously is my favorite email of all time from you.  At the time I thought my pretty woman moment would involve money and having the freedom to spend it however I wanted, free of any negative emotions around it. So I threw myself into everything on mindset after working with you. Books, other courses, anything I could get my hands on in psychology, the coaching world, science based, law of attraction, spiritual, etc.. It was too much and it was coming from a place of desperation and the need to have it all figured out. 

At the same time I started to lose my hair. ( not awesome, lol) So I stopped everything and focused on finding out why, fearing it was a side effect of something more serious going on with my body. I mean health was an aspect of what I taught, so how would it look if I wasn't healthy? 

A year of money, dr.'s and searching turned up no answers other than unexplainable hair loss ( also known as alopecia) and treatment options that were less than desirable. Plus there is still my regular life going on as mom and wife and twin herder. Again, I pushed pause on everything I was doing, turned inward and focused on what I could take from this, how I could use it and began to do mindset work again but in a much different way than before. Instead of doing it from a place of needing to figure something out or reach a goal, I did it with the intention of feeling better in each moment, feeling nurtured and supported and putting down the ideas and beliefs I'd carried about beauty, who I needed to be and what I needed to look like. 

At the end of the year last year, I shaved my head and at the moment I did, I felt as if I had stepped out of a box I didn't know I had been living in. It to this day is one of the most empowering and incredible feelings I've ever had, besides having my children, and playing college sports. 

That started a chain of events that culminated this past week in my first pretty woman moment( I say first because I know there are more to come!, lol), which was being asked to be a part of Dove's Real Beauty Campaign, sharing my ideas of what it means to be beautiful, how it's changed and evolved.  

As it was happening I realized THIS was actually my pretty women moment. Not the money, but feeling 100% aligned and happy with who I am and how I'm living from the truth of that, both in public and in private, personally and professionally. That feeling of freedom I was searching for wasn't in money, it was in allowing who I am to be seen on multiple levels without needing the approval or validation of anyone to do so. 

You started that mindset revolution in me, the desire for more and finding what that looked like and meant for me personally and I deeply appreciate it. 

It felt so good to send this email. It still makes me smile. What makes me smile even more is that after this she asked me to be one of her first guests on the radio and Youtube show she was launching as part of her I Heart My Life Brand. I was honored to be a part of and support anything she's doing not only because she did that for me early on but because I believe in her mission to show the world THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. 

Click here to watch the interview and check out the other incredible ones she's done. 

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