It's only halftime baby!

One of my absolute favorite parts of both playing sports and getting the opportunity to coach them later in life was the speeches. Each game there was a pregame, half time and post game speech that as a player I used to refocus, regroup and then guide my actions for the second half of the game. As I grew into coaching I learned just how powerful those speeches could be. What was said in the locker room could completely shift the outcome of the game in a good or horribly bad way. 

The same is true of the things you say to yourself and as I've gone through my life, I've applied this athlete mindset without even realizing it many times to different areas of my life. Right now for example, it's half way through January.  Which in my mind means it's halftime baby. That time I sit and look back at the stats of the year so far. You see in basketball you have all the stats laid out when you walk into that lockeroom.  I could see every shot attempt, steal, rebound, miss, and make. I knew exactly who did what and where and when they did it. 

You have stats also right now. Your stats are the days you've practiced or followed through with what you said you wanted to improve, accomplish and work towards this year. Your stats are the improvement or lack thereof in how you feel, your mindset, your physical performance, or your energy. Your stats are whatever you decided to gauge as progress for yourself since the beginning of the year. 

 Your stats are there, but most people NEVER TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK AT THEM. 

Well, here's your chance, because it's half time right now. 

Here's what you do : 

1. Watch this halftime speech video I recorded for one of my clients, by clicking here

2. Download the Half Time Report ( only 2 easy to follow pages) that will help you get clear on what's working for you, what isn't, what you're going to do about it and what mindset you're going to anchor yourself to on your way to victory. 

It's never too late to course correct, change your mindset or the actions you're taking to get where you want to be. Use this to remind yourself as frequently as you need to that " it's only halftime baby!" and there's is a whole lotta game left to play.