Luciana Naldi

Speaker, TEacher, Coach , Pasta Pusher

Through workshops, individual coaching or speaking events I share the knowledge, skills and mindset MUST HAVES that have allowed me to SUCCESSFULLY and CONTINUOUSLY navigate:

  • having two sets of twins

  • losing my hair to alopecia

  • merging motherhood with my career goals, evolving identity, and marriage to FIT THE STANDARDS I WANT to LIVE

  • Redefining self-care, success and healthy behaviors in the areas of food, body image, movement and mental health to FIT MY NEEDS, GOALS, TIME, AND REAL LIFE as it ebbs and flows.

  • Arming my children with tools and strategies that allow them to RECOGNIZE and RESIST the b.s. thrown at them about who they have to be, what they have to look like and what they have to do to be considered valued or worthy in this world, and INSTEAD CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES.

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