A 90 Day program to help you reconnect, rejuvenate and re-invigorate the one person you spend the least amount of time thinking about as a mother.....


Are you ready to stop saying " When the kids get older I'll make time for me?"  Are you ready to understand and learn how to live as a fulfilled, energetic, vibrant and happy mother instead of a tired, overwhelmed and frustrated one?  Are you willing ton learn a new way to think so you can learn a new way to be? To know what to do in those moments of chaos, frustration and overwhelm where you know what you are saying and doing isn't really YOU.  It's a combination of doing EVERYTHING for EVERYONE except YOU.

 The Tired to Inspired 90 Day Program is the supportive, empowering program that will help you discover what you need, then show you how to make it part of your everyday life.    

The mission of the TIRED TO INSPIRED GROUP PROGRAM IS  to guide you in defining what you need to feel your healthiest, happiest and most fulfilled as a mother and a woman, then support you as you take steps to create the life you want, for yourself and your family.    This is a 90 Day program led by me, Luciana Naldi, Self Care Coach for Mothers and Founder of Mama on a Mission. 

Motherhood is messy and too often we sacrifice all of ourselves for those we love most, yet complain at how horrible we feel about ourselves. We are constantly torn between showering our children with opportunities, love and everything we think they need and trying to keep ourselves healthy, happy and ready for life's plot twists.  We are spending all day everyday literally showing our children how to live and be in the world when we ourselves are struggling to live and feel the way we want. We tell them to eat healthy and take care of their bodies, yet we subsist on starbucks and toast. We tell our children to relax, and learn to deal with conflict by facing their emotions yet we drown ours in food, exercise or put it out publicly on Facebook. We encourage them to make choices that make them happy, but deny all of our own desires and dreams and use our children as excuses.  

I believe We can thrive together.

As I myself was struggling with the choice I  made to leave my career and become a stay at home mom to my two sets of twins ( now 5 and 3) I searched endlessly for something that would help guide me through this transition as a mother.  Something that would show me HOW to handle the questions I had, the struggles I was facing and the overwhelming sense that there was more I could do and be than what I was.  

Who was I supposed to be? Who did I want to be? Who did my children need me to be? How could I become that person? 

While each of our experiences in becoming mothers is extremely unique, the one universal is that we all change. We all go through a transformation of some kind in bringing our child or children into this world and we are not always able to deal with those changes as they are happening. There is now.  

There is absolutely no reason to wait to give your children the best of who you are. To wait until they are grown to be happy, healthy and excited about your life.  

I'm just like you...except for that whole two sets of twins thing. 

I thought I had a pretty good handle on my life as a high school teacher, coach and newly married 30 something. I was the first in my family to get married, and then have children, twins right out of the gate.  Excitement, chaos, whirwind of diapers, feeding, and clothes ensue along with endless love and support from our families. I was able to return to work after 5 months, return to weightlifting and athletic competition ( 5k's  and a mini triathalon) a couple months after that and thought, ok, I can do this. I can handle being a mom, taking care of myself, working and being a wife. I've survived broken bones, back surgery and there is no way I'm not going to be " tough enough" to manage this. 

Then we found out we were having a second set of twins, and everything changed.  Was I going to quit my job and stay home? Was I going to physically be able to carry another set of twins to full term ( 38 weeks) and have another c-section? If I quit my job, we split our income in half when we just doubled the size of our family.... again.  If I went back to work who would take two sets of twins in daycare? When was I going to sleep, eat and get a chance to leave the house?  When was I going to get a chance to move and exercise and heal my body? When was I going to have a relationship with my husband? What kind of car did we need to have to fit 4 car seats? How much breast milk did I need to produce and if I couldn't produce it which formula should I use? Who was going to watch the older twins when I was pinned nursing under the younger twins? When was I going to get to shower, eat, breathe....

The questions just kept coming.....

Did I feel lucky? Yes. My children were born healthy, and I had no real complications that threatened either of our lives. That being said, was I still terrified and overwhelmed. YES.  In the end, I quit my job and dove straight into stay at home mommyhood which brought up a whole new set of emotions I never expected to deal with. I seriously pined for my independence both physically and financially.  I questioned if I could live up to the kind of mother I had had, which was an INCREDIBLE AND AMAZING MOTHER.  I wondered who I was supposed to be, who I needed to be for my children, who I wanted to be for myself and how all three of those were going to co-exist.

The hardest thing I had to face within myself was the fact that motherhood alone didn't fulfill me, like I thought it was going to and like I had been told it would. When I realized it didn't, I felt ashamed. All around me women were struggling to have children and I was popping out litters left and right. I felt ungrateful.  I felt overwhelmed.  I felt ashamed.

I had to do something because I didn't want to experience my children that way.  And that was the beginning of owning putting down the expectations, and pressure I was putting on myself and feeling from others to experience motherhood on other peoples terms. That was the beginning of me defining what health, happiness and success as a mother looked like for ME and owning it! That was the beginning of feeling more alive, engaged and inspired about my life and my future as a mother and a woman.   

the same is possible for you.


Let me lay it out for you.... as a mother, as a human, we can't give what we don't have. 

I'm going to show you how to define health, happiness and success on your terms, then implement the daily habits and practices to support what you need, when you need it. It doesn't have to be a struggle and it doesn't have to all be done at once. 



  •  Getting clear on what you need and desire to be the healthiest, happiest YOU, and then how to implement that into your day now.

  • Exa

Week 2 

Mama Story 

  • How your family and experiences shaped the mother you are now, and how their story is influencing your choices.

  • Breaking free of beliefs and habits that are not serving you and writing your own mama story according to who  you want to be. 

WEek 3 

Purpose and Passion separate from motherhood

Week 4 

Your Body after babies

  • How to shift your thoughts around the body you have now after having children and  reconnect to YOU 
  • Breaking your negative beliefs about your body story and writing one of empowerment, beauty and strength 

Week 5


Week 6

Nourishing Nutrition 

  • Getting some real answers on how to use food to nourish your body without feeling guilty, restricted or like your taste buds are missing out on the party of the century.
  • Put a plan in place that fits YOUR life, YOUR tastes and allows you to have a relationship with food that isn't complicated
  • **** Weekly Bonus *** A call with nutritionist

week 7 

The dream team

  • Part of knowing yourself is knowing what you need form the people around you and who those people need to be. 
  • Learn who you need around you, when you need them and how building a dream team of support is not only going to help you reach your goals faster, but allow you to expand your vision of your life. 

week 8 

YOur inspired life and how far you've come

  • A look back at what you have accomplished, learned, overcome and put in motion that is changing your life