Do the words self-care give you visions of broccoli and long hours sweating to the oldies? 

 Yeah, I was the same way.  I thought it was all about eating healthier, moving more, maybe a manicure here and there. I'm lucky to get that every coupld months, or when I can right? I mean I have two sets of twins. What did I really expect?  

  The  truth is it's so much more... and here's the best part, YOU GET to decide what that is for you

 Everything you want to change, improve or feel different about starts in your mind.  Everything you desire that lights you up, excites you, and empowers you is all part of your self care. It starts with what you feel you deserve, are worthy of and what you feel is worth your time now that you have become a mother.  And it's hard. It's hard to say I Deserve this if you haven't met your invisible wife and mother criteria for the day. I know. I was there. I kept a running tally in my head of how productive I had been that day as a wife, mother, employee, friend and if it " didn't measure up" I sacrificed my own self care in the name of being more efficient, working harder, doing more.  

                                                                                             Sound familiar? 

What if you could stop keeping score with yourself? 

What if you could stop measuring yourself according to what you got done each day? 

What if YOU got to decide what self care means for you and then add it in to support you daily, weekly and monthly? 

What if you could stop feeling guilty every time you even thought about being away from your kids alone to do something YOU WANT TO DO? 


The Mindset for Motherhood Live Group Program


For the mother ready to honor herself, love herself and CHOOSE WHAT SELF CARE MEANS FOR HER. 

For the mother ready to silence the harsh inner critic telling her time spent on herself is time taken away from the kids 

For the mother ready to ditch guilt, worry and fear and find balance with caring for herself and her family

For the mother ready to feel good again! 

For the mother ready to turn some of that love she gives all day to everyone else on herself. 


This is totally about YOU and what you need. When all day everyday is spent meeting everyone else's needs, it can be easy to lose track of your own, and then forget them all together. Here's where you get them back. Here's where you get YOU back. 



6 Weeks- Mindset for Motherhood

Week 1 - Uncover your self-care story and write a new one that you love. What
Week 2 - Ditching the Bi*&h - Becoming aware of your current inner critic, and begin to transform and shift those thought habits from negative to positive
Week 3 - Forgiveness of yourself and others while ditching judgement, expectations and what's keeping you feeling unworthy and undeserving. 
Week 4 - Implementation - Put into practice the biggest lessons you've learned and seeing how it feels. What's working and what do you want to explore more? 
Week 5 - How to set boundaries and feel good about it, dealing with and preventing overwhelm, saying yes to YOU and your children in a way that feels good
Week 6 - Building a Dream Team - figuring out who around you is truly rooting for your rise and what environment you need to create to thrive
Week 7 - Your Successful Mama Mindset moving forward - Establishing, reinforcing  the mindset YOU need to FEEL, LIVE and MOTHER in a way that defines success for you.

* Weekly workbooks - 6 in depth questionnaires
*Weekly live coaching calls as a group with me to ask questions, get support or just have someone who listens
* Private Facebook Group just for the women in the class all with the similar mission of mastering their mindset and writing their OWN stories of motherhood
* Bonuses
First 10 people to pay in full also get a 1 on 1 coaching call with me 1-2 hours
* Everyone gets a Self-Care Package upon enrollment and payment
* Some surprises yet to be announced. ;)