Welcome ! I'm Luciana Naldi, a Self-Care Coach that helps women and mothers become FIERCE, FEARLESS  and UNAPOLOGETIC in their pursuit of what makes them their  healthiest, happiest selves. I help women write and live their OWN STORIES SELF CARE. What does that mean? That means getting down to the nitty gritty of what YOU need to be YOUR BEST SELF as a woman, a mother and a human and then living it.  After having my second set of twins in 4 years, and quitting my career to become a stay at home mom, balance and self-care went out the window and I lived in survival mode. 


I'M HERE TO HELP YOU  write a self-care story  one that allows you to feel HAPPY, HEALTHY, EMPOWERED AND EQUIPPED  to make it work in your real life no matter how many plot twists you encounter.  By teaching you self care habits ( and no, I'm not just talking eating food and movement) you will understand what you need to be your best self AND ( here's the important part) what habits, practices and techniques make all this work in your real life ( that's where the gold is!)  

It's possible for you to:

Define what health, happiness and fulfillment look and feel like for you and HAVE IT, as a mother and a woman.

Develop a successful mindset and practices that allow you to prevent overwhelm, shift more quickly from a negative to a positive mindset, and face fears and challenges in ways that allow you to thrive and grow

Feel energetic, vibrant and happy in the body you are in now instead of seeing it as broken and needing fixing

Learn how to create and sustain habits that support how you want to feel mentally and physically

Create a life that is balanced and allows you to prioritize what you need and want without sacrificing your loved ones or your soul.

A vibrant, healthy and fulfilling life begins and is sustained with self-care.  


I can show you how to create and sustain happy, healthy habits that work in your real life without consuming your whole life. 

I have to admit that before I understood what self care was I imagined it to be completely food and exercise based. I think a lot of people immediately associate self care with some 20-something in a sleeveless shirt yelling " one more pushup" or Jillian Michaels telling you what you can and cannot eat for the next 4 months. While movement and nutrition play a part in our health, real sustainable change occurs when you shift your perspective and mindset FIRST. When you are able to release judgement, old habits and patterns of negativity in how you think about yourself, your abilities and your goals, you create space for the things you truly want to accomplish, feel and be to enter into your life. That's just a small part of what we do together, but a vital one. 


This is for you if : 

You're in it to win it! I mean long term results, habits and behaviors that support YOU and how you want to feel. 

You feel like you're living someone else's story and are ready to write YOUR OWN and LOVE IT!


You're a mom who lives in a perpetual state of overwhelm, stress or high alert and finds it hard to do anything for herself without guilt

You find yourself yelling or lashing out at your kids because you are not getting what you need, and then you feel guilty

You went from being in a career to being a stay at home mom and are feeling guilty you don't feel fulfilled by motherhood, but don't know what to do

You feel like you just don't deserve to do anything for yourself unless you clean, cook, or help someone else first

You need support, understanding,  and strategizing on how to make this work, and how to get to where you want to be


I get it. Did I mention I have two sets of twins? 

The good news is that you don't have to go through this alone.  I want to help and I can. If any of this sounds like you, I'd love to speak with you directly to see if and how I can help you. This is a FREE Self-Care Assessment call  I offer to all moms in need of support, guidance or just an ear. If nothing else you will feel heard, validated and understood in a judgement free environment.  Click on the link below to schedule a time that works for you. 

Thinking you want to know what working with me would look like? Check out the 2 ways I help women get the results they want at the pace that fits into their real lives by clicking on the work with me link below. 



No matter what, know that you are deserving and worthy of all you want and need to feel AMAZING EVERYDAY.  You deserve this regardless of how many dishes you wash, how much laundry you do or what you clean in  your house.  If you take nothing else away from here, take that with you.  You matter as a mom, a woman and a human. Believe it!