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Hannah The Baby Maven Interview - 2016

Interview with Hannah, The Baby Maven on how to thrive in motherhood using self-care, owning what you want and need and setting your own rules for EVERYTHING as a mom, woman and human! 

Leave a comment with your biggest takeaways, what resonated with you and share with anyone who needs to hear they too can set and live their own standards of healthy and happy! 


I heart my life interview with 7 Figure success Coach Emily WIlliams- 2017 

During this episode, we’re going to cover… **How to use obstacles to create life-changing opportunities in your life and business **How to finally give yourself permission to choose what you want for your life versus what’s been expected all along **How Luciana’s “pretty woman” moment was different from what she envisioned but exactly what she needed (and how to create your own) **What self-care and self-worth really are (you’ll be surprised by this answer) and how to put yourself first even with the kids, clients and craziness of life **How gaining 70 pounds while pregnant gave her a better understanding of beauty and compassion for women