Luciana Naldi

What's Your version of Self-Care? 

How I merged merged motherhood, my goals and dreams and transformed myself from tired and uninspired to fierce and fearless. 


"Wow... I've never had this happen before." These were the words spoken to me by my Dr. as I lay on her table watching her do my first sonogram for my second pregnancy. Not exactly the words I was expecting to hear and they instantly caused goosebumps to race across my body and my heart to pound uncontrollably. 

" What do you mean?" I said, not knowing what to expect back. 

" There's two more in them. You're having ANOTHER set of twins." 




Winning at Twinning and Self-Care

Neither my husband or I was prepared for the intensity of having twins, let alone TWO SETS. Hearing those words for the first time felt like I winning an award for something incredibly special and unique. Hearing them for the second time felt like someone was laughing and saying, " let's see how much they can take."   

Our first set of twins came 38 weeks to the day, via c-section. No complications for them or me fortunately.  My second set of twins caused me to go into labor 3 hours from home, 4 weeks early which led to an adventure of epic proportions and included: 

* a 10 day stay in a hospital room with no windows and no none I knew before the twins finally decided it was time.

*  Being asked if I was pregnant and when the babies were due...the day AFTER they had arrived. ( awesome! said no woman ever.) 

* Living in an R.V in the parking lot of the hospital for 10 days after being discharged so I could feed babies every hour and a half. 

* A trip to the E.R and being pushed to my limits mentally when I had a full body allergic reaction to something and thought I wouldn't be able to breastfeed. 

* Getting to feel the entire range of emotions almost every single day as I held babies, learned to practice resiliency and humor at all times, accepted help, love and support from my sisters, husband and family as I stepped into this new role as a mom of a herd of mini people. 

 New mom dear in the headlights look with first set of twins. 

New mom dear in the headlights look with first set of twins. 

Coming home with the second set of twins required us to redesign our life.  I quit my career to stay home and care for the litter we now had and began slowly redefining what " having it all" ( the kids, the husband, the life I wanted) was going to look like NOW.  Merging my needs, wants and goals with the expectations of my role as mother was something I had no idea would change my life so radically. 

I'm not going to lie, for a while I WAS LOST. In diapers, in exhaustion, in no longer feeling like I had an identity outside the " woman with two sets of twins." 

Self-Care and a major shift in mindset about what that is, and what it looked like for me was the magic pill that 

I'm sure you'll agree that there is SOOOO  MUCH they don't tell you about what REAL SELF-CARE is and HOW to make it a part of the process that allows you to live your life instead of a luxury. 

Good news. 

I'm here to change that and help you understand YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO ACT NOW, even if  you've heard this before. 

Even if you've tried and  failed in your mind before. 

Even if you've never given yourself permission to do it until this very moment. 


  From this - hotel to mini humans, terrified, lost and FREAKED the F out. 

 From this - hotel to mini humans, terrified, lost and FREAKED the F out. 

Imagine this... 

Making how you feel AND the actions that allow you to feel that way A PRIORITY, and having a PLAN that makes it doable in your life.

Having a DREAM TEAM of people to support you and YOUR VISION of motherhood, health, happiness, and success.

Setting and living YOUR OWN STANDARDS of self-care, success, health and happiness, and giving the finger to all the poo-rus who try to tell you their way is the only way. 

Waking up with a mindset of confidence that no matter what gets thrown at you during the day ( which, let's face it could be toys, poop, food, cranky clients or internet trolls, depending on what you do) YOU CAN HANDLE IT!

Having the brain space to focus on what matters most, when it matters and not feeling like you're missing out on anything ( with your family, your career, your relationships.) 


Defining and implementing skills that allow me to practice and live MY VERSION of self-care are THE REASON I am able to live my version of motherhood, health, success and happiness.

 I've worked with hundreds of kids, teens ( I survived!) and adults and one consistent benefit for all ages is that EVERYTHING GETS BETTER

 When you make taking care of yourself a priority, learn the skills you need to do it, practice them consistently and intentionally , it spirals out into every other area of your life.

Everything you do gets better because YOU feel better. 

You owe it to yourself to ACT NOW. 

 To this:. Mentally empowered. Physically strong and equipped. Excite, confident and proud in my body, what it DID DO, and excited for all the ways I could USE it in the future. 

To this:. Mentally empowered. Physically strong and equipped. Excite, confident and proud in my body, what it DID DO, and excited for all the ways I could USE it in the future. 


Breaking it down, step by step. 

Self-care is whatever YOU SAY IT IS. You have a choice, and you don't need to suffer, experience sickness, overwhelm or exhaustion before creating wellness, health, and happiness.

It begins with cultivating SELF-AWARENESS. Know what you need, why you need it and be unapologetic about taking actions to support yourself. 

Next,  LEARN the skills that will help you get closer to how you want to feel. What resources, people or info do you need to begin implementing actions that  both support your goals AND fit into your life as it is now? It's NOT ABOUT STRUGGLE, JUST STRATEGY. 

EVERYTHING is a SKILL that can be learned, practiced then mastered to fit YOUR GOALS and YOUR LIFE. Those skills become habits. Those habits become a lifestyle. That lifestyle supports and becomes how you live your way into feeling and acting as  YOUR BEST SELF more frequently. 

Isn't that empowering and exciting? What if you made self-care something that ENHANCED your life and fit into it in a way that supported YOU MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY instead of being something that dominates and diminishes it? 

When you think of it that way, WILLPOWER ISN'T REQUIRED. When you have a hard time with something, it's just means you're early in the game of figuring out how to do it and see the results you want. It doesn't mean you are undisciplined, weak or a failure. MIND BLOWN right? We don't tell a child learning to walk that they need more willpower. We help them practice and give them encouragement. What if you GAVE YOURSELF the same UNDERSTANDING as you are instilling the habits and skills that YOUR HEALTH and HAPPINESS require? 



How to Work With Me


Free to Be Me Live Group Coaching


Free to Be Me Live Group Coaching

Imagine not having to "diet"ever again.

Imagine waking up and feeling rested, clear headed and confident that no matter what gets thrown at you during the day ( which let's face it could be toys, poop, food, cranky customers, or Internet trolls, depending on what you do) you can handle it. 

Imagine thinking "my body freaking kicks ass and I can't wait to do a bunch or cool shit with it!"

Imagine being able to scroll right past all the fake fitness and health poo-rus ( self proclaimed gurus that teach nothing that lasts and only make you feel unworthy, undisciplined or bad about yourself) spewing nonsense and feeling good about what you YOU'RE doing and HOW your doing it. 

Imagine having a dream team of people supporting your idea of healthy, happy and WHO you want to be, constantly rooting for your success. 

Imagine knowing EXACTLY what skills and habits support your best self and FINALLY understanding how to practice them in a way that ebbs and flows with your real life ( you know the one that happens offline.) 

That's the power of real self care. 
That's what I teach and HOW I TEACH IT is what separates me from everyone else....and the fact I'm bald....and have two sets of
Anyway, the point is YOUR the GURU that knows what you need, not me. I just help you own it, practice it, course correct when necessary and make it sustainable in a non soul sucking way. And I'm funny. Did I mention that? 

2018 can be the year you not only embrace WHO YOU REALLY ARE, but start nourishing and nurturing that WISE, WARRIOR woman as well.   Free To Be Me is about YOUR VERSION and VISION of self-care.   You create it. I help you implement and sustain it. I'm about strategies and skills that are simple, sane and sustainable. 

If that sounds like your cup of tea or your shot of vodka ( wink) sign up below to stay in the loop. 

The next opportunity to be a part of this program is coming soon, so ACT NOW! 

Your insights and common sense was always so helpful and I always felt GREAT after the group zooms. As a result of your class I am giving myself grace for what I don’t get to and more credit for what I do!
— Adria Afferino

One on One Coaching 

One on one coaching is a customized in depth look at your current  self-care beliefs and habits, and then a co-creation of NEW, EMPOWERING ones that will allow you to reach and sustain your goals and vision of YOUR BEST SELF. 

Together we:

Assess your current priorities in each of the key areas ( physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) contributing to how you feel

Decide on the most important area to focus on FIRST

Choose the skills and habits you will practice and HOW to make them fit seamlessly into your life right now

Decide on a plan that allows you to feel empowered, and equipped to deal with challenges, plot twists and surprises ( because they happen to everyone!) while also making progress

Create an empowering and supportive mindset so you can SUPPORT yourself when you're with me and when you're not

Create a plan that is allows you to track, tweak and have a record of everything that's worked, what hasn't, how you've felt doing it and use that to guide future actions. 

If you already know you're ready to INVEST IN YOURSELF and get guidance on WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO IT in a way that feels fun, empowering and effective, click below to fill out the form on working together and I will be in touch to schedule a video call within 48 hours.  

Motherhood brought  the need for self-care to the top of the priority list and THE FREEDOM, HAPPINESS and FULFILLMENT it gave me has kept it there. Finding my own version and definition of what self-care looks and feels like for me was a journey and process and one that continues to evolve as I do and my life does. And it should. 

A real, sustainable self-care plan is flexible enough to ebb and flow with your life's shifting priorities. It's simple, sustainable and sane. It doesn't require you to suffer or sacrifice your soul. It's not just about HOW YOU LOOK. It's about how you FEEL, and the lifestyle your habits and skills have allowed you to create, and MAINTAIN as your life and needs evolve. 

 Enjoy the FREE, easy to follow guide  that takes you step by step through FORMING YOUR VISION OF EFFECTIVE SELF-CARE, and taking the first, next best steps to making it happen.

No matter who you are or what you do, YOU HAVE TO BE HEALTHY TO DO IT WELL.
What do you want to DO REALLY WELL?
What do you have in place that will SUPPORT YOU and ALLOW you to do it?
— Luciana Naldi

Intentional Movement is one of my non-negotiable self-care activities that has benefits far beyond fitting into the clothes I enjoy or looking good. 

Movement for me  is a way to connect with, celebrate and continue to honor all my body has been through, conquered, created and overcome ( back surgery and two sets of twins!) 

Imagine moving because it was fun,and felt like a celebration of your body instead of a punishment. 

Imagine walking past a mirror and thinking " HELL YES, STILL FABULOUS!"