How Happy Mamas Get Moving Webinar

July 19th 2-4 PST 

 Get back your energy, move and feel confident in the body you have, starting TODAY!  


After having my second set of twins I was in the hospital in an elevator and a man entered the elevator, glanced at me briefly, then said

" Congratulations, when is the baby due? " 

Rather than go through the embarrassing and awkward explanation of telling him I had already given birth.... a week earlier... I smiled and said " Today!"  The whole time I had an inner dialogue running in my head that kept saying, " I can't wait to move and feel like me again!"  I don't know of any woman who thinks " Yes! I'm so excited to look like I"m still pregnant even though I've already given birth!

Now is your time to feel more energetic, more playful, and more confident in how you look and feel.

This webinar is for you if : 

  • You  would like to start moving again but have NO IDEA WHERE TO START
  • Feel intimidated or embarrassed about going to a gym, are unsure what questions to ask or what to look for
  • Have older children and have decided to ditch the " I'll wait until the kids are older" mindset and take action for you
  • Are ready to stop jiggling and become excited when you see pictures of yourself 
  • Have ever wondered any of the following :
  1.  Who or what is cardio and how much should I be doing?  
  2. What is weight training and strength training?
  3. Should I be doing cardio and weight training, and strength training and taking 10,000 steps a day and... 
  4. What's the bare minimum I need to do to feel and see a difference?
  • You know that making your self care a priority will make you a better mother, a happier person and WANT THAT! 
  • Are ready to be more vibrant and energetic and want to know HOW?
  • Want to get connected to other women who are on the same journey as you to become a healthier, happier mama. 
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.
— Flora Whittemore

The Happy Mama Moving Webinar was designed to answer the major questions women have about movement after babies and more importantly, the questions they SHOULD BE ASKING.  The questions that will lead  you down the path to where you want to be physically and the ones that will shape your mindset to sustain it for the longterm. Here is a breakdown of the webinar and what will be covered: 

  1. Finding your WHY - your motivation for change, for wanting to move and feel more confidently and comfortably. We dig deeply into your real reason and motivation  and it may not be what you think. ( This is my favorite part by the way. )
  2. Determining the WHAT  - Once you know exactly why you are here, your motivation and true driving force, we get a laser focus on what exactly you want your body to be able to do. It's difficult to get in and drive the car, if you have no idea where you are going, and it wastes a lot of gas. It doesn't have to be something exravagant, hardcore, or intense. It just has to be true and authentic to you. It will be different for everyone and that's ok. The idea is that you are choosing things that empower you, and make you feel strong, beautiful and confident. 
  3. We lay out the questions you should ask about HOW you are going to implement a plan. Below are a few things we address.  
  • What environment are you most likely to thrive in and how do you create it or find it? 
  • What kind of support do you need to succeed? 
  • How much time do you have to dedicate to this? 
  • What movements are going to help you reshape and strengthen your body so you feel and look the way you want?

4.  The most common mistakes women make and how to avoid them

5. Your checklist for success! 

***Special Bonuses ***

To be announced as we get closer so stay tuned.....

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Make today the day  you decide to start moving like the fabulous Mama you are. 

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