Welcome  New Mamas! 


I've put together some resources I wish I would've had in my first few weeks of motherhood to help you get clear, get organized and get the support you need. The first few weeks of motherhood can be an overwhelming and emotional time and the people you have around you ( Your Dream Team!) make all the difference in how you experience it, learn to manage it and allow yourself to thrive. Needing help is ok and getting it often is one of the best things you can do for your children and yourself. Here's how you start! 

The first two resources are a Mama Chart and a Baby and Household Chart (see directions below on how to use each chart.)  The Baby and Household Chart allows you to really focus in on the areas you need the most help around the house ( cooking, cleaning, laundry, paying bills ) and who you can enlist to take some of these tasks off your hands so you can focus on your growing bundle of joy.  It also allows you to write down and get out what areas of baby care you may be struggling with, have questions about or just don't feel 100% confident or happy with what you're doing. I've broken it down below for you. 

Baby :  

  • Feeding/Eating/Breastfeeding
  • Sleeping/Napping
  • Cries/Cues/Communication
  • Parenting Questions about theories, and styles

Household : 

  • Cooking /Meal Prep 
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Managing Bills/Finances/ Mail

The second resource is a Self Care Chart FOR YOU. Yes, I said you!  This allows you to rate how confident and happy you are with your own areas of self care ( physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.) Not sure what each one means? I broke it down for you below. While most people think of self care as only what you eat or how much you exercise there really is MUCH MUCH more to it than that. And it doesn't end when you stop having infants.  It just changes as your baby grows and as you grow and change as well. 

Physical :

  • healing and repair after baby, how your body physically feels, what you need to move and feel like yourself again physically
  •  exercise and movement, what to do, when to start, how to do it and still be a mom
  •  food and nutrition, for yourself so you are energetic and present and for your baby ( if breastfeeding) 
  •  sleep ( when you can!) 


  •  your feelings about being a mom ( the good, the bad and the ugly) 
  • the expectations you have of yourself as a mother,
  • dealing with fears, doubts, and what you don't know
  • the voice in your head, how you speak to yourself ( shift it from negative to positive!),
  • your relationships with friends, coworkers and your spouse 


  • being intellectually stimulated 
  • getting out of your day to day routine
  • Work, career and how to merge it with being a mom
  • Keeping your goals, dreams and ambitions without guilt or shame over it


Spiritual :

  • knowing and understanding what you need to feel connected to you
  • the other parts of who you are separate from being a mother
  •  nurturing your creative side  
  • feeling connected to the world around you
  • meditation, prayer, solitude and reflection

How To Use Each Chart 

  1. Rate your happiness and confidence level in each area on a scale of 1-5, referring to the lists above if you need to. 
  2. Once rated, look at the areas where you are feeling like you need the most help, support, guidance or assistance and circle them or start them. 

Mama Must: At least one must be about your own self-care! You are no good to your baby if you are not healthy, present or able to respond to their need. 

  1. After picking your top areas, start listing people who you can reach out to for help. List their contact info, when you reached out and what their response was.
  2. In the bottom section labeled My Resources list any books, programs, people or other resources as you come across them, talk to people or just seek out more help and information.  Having lots of resources to support you during this time is never a bad thing. 

The second resource you are getting is a  Resource List  of websites, people, books and resources that were immensely helpful in my own journey to and through motherhood. They are not specific to multiples and if you are a mom of multiples, please fell free to email me and I can send you a list specific to multiples in addition to this one. This is just to get you started! As you find what you value, connect to and how you want to raise your child, you will add to this list. 

And last but not least I've created a Cheat Sheet on How to Overcome Overwhelm as a new mom, with a couple other goodies thrown in, ( get them by clicking HERE!)  for you to build on. It's meant to  remind you that what you put in your brain in the form of thoughts, images, and words matters.  Just like it's important to fuel your body with foods that nourish it and make you feel good, it's just as important to surround yourself with positive and empowering  words, phrases, and pictures.  They will seep into your consciousness and become the positive loop that plays in your head  encouraging and reinforcing that


Need them all again? Here they are in one place. 

Mama/Baby Self Care Charts

Resources and Instructions

Overcoming Overwhelm and goodies!

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