Fierce Female Athlete Workshop

Fierce Female Athlete Workshop


A three hour workshop on Sept 28th from 9 am -12 pm for girls ( ages 13-18) and their parents who want to know exactly what it takes to be a FIERCE FEMALE ATHLETE.
As a former collegiate basketball player, 3 Time championship winning coach and current nutrition coach and educator I look back now and think wow, there was so much I didn't know and could've done differently to improve my performance and confidence in myself as an athlete.
I'm bringing everything I KNOW NOW to the next generation of female athletes so they can tap into their FIERCE.

The workshop will cover :
The 6 key areas female athletes need to MASTER to be FIERCE - including the one area most coaches don't talk about or understand how to help female athletes with
The MOST IMPORTANT SKILLS and INFO in the areas of nutrition, rest/recovery, stress management, mindset and menstruation that you can use to improve your PERFORMANCE, CONFIDENCE and HAPPINESS playing.
The MOST IMPORTANT SKILLS you can practice to become resilient, strong and a leader in your sport
The step by step system that enables you to to increase your self-awareness, performance,and mindset while also FACING AND CONQUERING challenges like a boss.

And a whole bunch more!

This is the most up to date, top notch, easy to follow info and strategies you will get from someone who has both lived it and taught it for the last 20 years. I've been on both sides of the bench as a player and as a coach and this is everything every high school female athlete needs to know and do consistently to be a fierce, happy athlete and human.

Workshop cost is $45 per athlete and covers materials you will receive and snacks.
Once you are registered and paid, you will receive a welcome packet and questionnaire to fill out prior to attending. This is to ensure a quality customized experience for all who attend.

All information I share is evidence based, body positive and up to date with current research in the areas of female health and wellness. I am a Girls Gone Strong Certified Coach ( training specific to coaching women's mental and physical health throughout their lifetime), Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach as well as being a credentialed teacher in the state of California.
I am happy to share any names and numbers of people or organizations I've worked with in the past upon request or answer questions you may have.
Feel free to contact me at 209-485-5655 or email me at

Workshop space limited so buy your spot today!

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Share with female athletes, parents of athletes or coaches who are looking to support their female athletes on a higher, more personal level.

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