Luciana Naldi
Luciana Naldi
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Wellness on Wheels

Past speaking events and Workshops

Mom's Clubs - spoke on cultivating a positive mindset for motherhood, self-care tips and strategies, time management, dealing with and preventing overwhelm,  issues and strategies  specific to raising twins, nutrition and best practices for feeding children at different ages and stages of development,  


Northern California Twins Club Retreat Speaker- spoke on strategies for nurturing and nourishing yourself mind, body and spirit, cultivating a healthy relationship and mindset around food for yourself and your children and HOW to do that. 


As a former physical education teacher and  varsity high school women's basketball coach for 10 years I also have taught numerous clinics teaching basketball skills to kids of all ages, the mindset and habits needed to be successful as an athlete, Olympic weightlifting, physical education and other topics related to coaching and sports. 






High School Speaking and Teaching  Topics - Mindset for success in athletics, Nutrition  and cooking demonstrations for athletes, parents and families as a whole,  Positive Body Image, How to use obstacles as opportunities, Setting healthy boundaries and choosing friends wisely, Cultivating and practicing a mindset of positivity, resilience and strength. 

West Side Ministries - Shared how the obstacles I faced as a mother of two sets of twins, and then becoming a bald woman became opportunities for my greatest lessons, growth and success to date.  I also shared lessons on cultivating a positive and powerful mindset, resilience, and living through the clarity of your daily example.  



Current Speaking and Teaching Topics

Establishing effective self-care strategies

The What, Why and How of putting the practices in place, from where you are right now, that will allow you to thrive in all areas of your life. This includes the mindset needed to do it, how to form a plan that fits your life now AND still works when obstacles or challenges pop up, and best practices to making it sustainable longer than a hot second. 

Using Obstacles as opportunities

My experience losing my hair to alopecia, becoming a bald woman and dealing with it in my own, empowering and powerfully positive way, which led me to partner with Dove and be a part of their Real Beauty Campaign in 2017.

Mindset For Motherhood

Sharing the life lessons and research based practices that have allowed me to thrive as a mother to two sets of twins, physically and mentally, some humor ( because we ALL need that in motherhood and in life), stories, experiences and action steps. 

Nutrition Skills and Topics

 For adults - How learning nutrition skills means you never have to go on a diet again, the top nutrition skills you can practice for weight loss, fat loss, or increased  overall well being and health, how to personalize them to fit your  life and goals, the mindset and practices you can implement to support you as you're doing it. 

For parents - How to teach your child to have a healthy relationship with food, age appropriate skills and best practices. 

For coaches and  athletes- The most important nutrition skills needed to perform at your highest level as an athlete, how to make smart choices while eating on the road or at away games, how to cultivate a positive body image and healthy relationship with food.



Work with Me 

If you are interested in partnering with me for a workshop or live event or having me speak on any of the topics above, please click on the inquire button below and fill in the information and I will be in touch with  you within 24 hours if during a weekday, or 48 yours if on a weekend.   I'm happy to connect you with any person or organization I've previously worked with and spoken for, and  I look forward to speaking with you!