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Luciana Naldi
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Wellness on Wheels

Past speaking events and Workshops

Mom's Clubs - spoke on cultivating a positive mindset for motherhood, self-care tips and strategies, time management, dealing with and preventing overwhelm,  issues and strategies  specific to raising twins, nutrition and best practices for feeding children at different ages and stages of development,  


Northern California Twins Club Retreat Speaker- spoke on strategies for nurturing and nourishing yourself mind, body and spirit, cultivating a healthy relationship and mindset around food for yourself and your children and HOW to do that. 


As a former physical education teacher and  varsity high school women's basketball coach for 10 years I also have taught numerous clinics teaching basketball skills to kids of all ages, the mindset and habits needed to be successful as an athlete, Olympic weightlifting, physical education and other topics related to coaching and sports. 






High School Speaking and Teaching  Topics - Mindset for success in athletics, Nutrition  and cooking demonstrations for athletes, parents and families as a whole,  Positive Body Image, How to use obstacles as opportunities, Setting healthy boundaries and choosing friends wisely, Cultivating and practicing a mindset of positivity, resilience and strength. 

West Side Ministries - Shared how the obstacles I faced as a mother of two sets of twins, and then becoming a bald woman became opportunities for my greatest lessons, growth and success to date.  I also shared lessons on cultivating a positive and powerful mindset, resilience, and living through the clarity of your daily example.  



Current Speaking and Teaching Topics

Establishing effective self-care strategies

The What, Why and How of putting the practices in place, from where you are right now, that will allow you to thrive in all areas of your life. This includes the mindset needed to do it, how to form a plan that fits your life now AND still works when obstacles or challenges pop up, and best practices to making it sustainable longer than a hot second. You will leave with a framework and skills to apply to your own life moving forward as well as the mindset to support and sustain it.

How to Build Resilience and confidence by using obstacles as opportunities

I share my experiences and challenges as both a mama to two sets of twins and the experience of losing my hair to alopecia. I share the skills I developed and the steps I took that built me, instead of breaking me and which led me to partner with Dove for their Real Beauty Campaign in 2017 and then again in 2019 as part of the Show Us campaign with partners, GirlGaze and Getty Images. You will leave with a a framework and skills to apply to your own life and mindset.

How to Raise Body confident, Body Positive Children

In this powerful talk I share the strategies, tips and tools all parents, teachers and anyone working with children can use to help them foster a powerful and positive body image AND know they are more than a body. Helping kids know that they are more than what they look like, especially as they journey through puberty is one of the most important skill sets we can give them. In this workshop I teach skills, strategies, conversation starters and ways of approaching this sometimes delicate topic so you can be your kids go-to person, even if you struggle with body image and body confidence yourself.

Nutrition 101 - Learning and practicing the basics

 For adults - Learning the skills that will support your idea of healthy and happy, how to make them work in your real life, navigate challenges confidently and continue to do so as your life ebbs, flows and changes. This also includes a lesson on how to make fresh pasta, because Iā€™m Italian, enjoyment and pleasure are part of eating and my philosophy of teaching food and nutrition and its fun. :)

For parents - Evidence based strategies, tools and information on how to raise confident, independent eaters as they grow. This workshop includes age appropriate skills, key language to use when talking about foods, health, and developing healthy habits with kids, and how to navigate challenges you may face confidently and calmly.

For coaches and  athletes- The most important nutrition skills needed to perform at your highest level as an athlete, how to make smart choices while eating on the road or at away games, how to cultivate a positive body image and healthy relationship with food.



Work with Me 

If you are interested in partnering with me for an onsite workshop, live event, or having me speak, please click on the inquire button below and fill in the information and I will be in touch with  you within 24 hours if during a weekday, or 48 yours if on a weekend.  I happily do group workshops for schools, organizations, or groups that support children and teens as well as 1 on 1 sessions with parents, teachers, or caregivers looking for strategies and tools to support their children.  I'm happy to connect you with any person or organization I've previously worked with and spoken for, and  I look forward to speaking with you!