Halftime Sheet Baby!

Halftime Sheet Baby!

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When I coached and played sports halftime was that time of the game when you looked at your stats. The things you were doing that were working, the things that were not, the collective mindset about it all and what the focus needed to be for the second half of the game to come out successfull or at least feeling like you made improvement. 

That's what this halftime report does for you. It allows you to look at what our original goals or intentions were for the month, assess your stats ( what you did that worked and what didn't), refocus or redirect your goals for the second half of the month and then anchor in the mindset needed to support you crushing those goals or at least making progress towards them. 

2 easy to follow pages that you can use at your half time ( each week, month or 6 month mark of your year. ) It's like having a coach in your pocket ( ME!).  

Benefits include : 

Increased self-awareness ( what you're doing that's working and what isn't!) , Faster progress towards goals and more frequent crushing of them ( because you are being consistent with what's working and dropping what isn't) , improved mindset of positivity and less stress ( your anchor reminds you where your focus needs to be and pulls you back to it more easily), Confidence and a stronger belief in yourself