Meal Planning Guide for Beginners

Meal Planning Guide for Beginners

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 A Guide for the Beginning Meal Planner! 




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 As a mom to TWO SETS OF TWINS, I figured out early on that I needed a system for just about everything in order to save my sanity, and balance caring for myself as well as my family. Meal Planning was one of the things I implemented to help me not only lose 70 lbs ( after each set of twins) but establish habits that I would be proud to teach my herd of children. If you are stuck and not knowing where to start, this is a good place. 

A Quick and Easy Guide for the Beginning Meal Planner complete with :

1. Food List that shows proteins, carbohydrates, good fats and the foods that fit in each

2. Easy step by step instructions to follow that make it work in your life at your pace

3.  Tips you can implement at your very next meal to increase awareness and establish positive, empowering eating habits today! .  

4. Purchase before May 30th and receive 1 hour of FREE nutrition coaching with me (optional) to discuss questions you have about the guide, other aspects of nutrition for yourself or for your children. 

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to healthier, happier and easier eating habits!