Easy Peasy Guide to Meal Planning

Easy Peasy Guide to Meal Planning


 A Guide for the Beginning Meal Planner! 




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Imagine learning how to plan meals in a way that doesn't suck or STRESS YOU OUT?

Imagine understanding how to fit it into your life as it is now and FINALLY making real  progress on those health and fitness goals you set at the beginning of the year?

Imagine NOT obsessing about whether or not you took meat out of the freezer or dreading the question " mom what's for dinner?" 

As a mom to TWO SETS OF TWINS, I figured out early on that I needed a system for just about everything in order to save my sanity, and balance caring for myself as well as my family. Meal Planning was one of those things, but not in the spend 8 hours in one day prepping and cutting and cooking type of way. 

I personalized it and then found ways to help others personalize and practice  it also. 

That's what you get here. 

A Quick and Easy Guide for the Beginning Meal Planner complete with :

1. Food List that shows proteins, carbohydrates, good fats and the foods that fit in each of those categories ( so you know what you're eating and the combo of foods that helps you feel most full and satisfied) 

2. Easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to make  it work in your life at your pace

3.  Tips and skills to practice and implement at your very next meal to increase awareness and establish positive, empowering eating habits today! .  

DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE to finally make meal prepping and planning YOUR OWN. 


When you've finished, I'd love to hear what a-ha's you had, how you personalized meal planning and what is working for you. Share your success or growth story with us by emailing us at mamaonamissioninfo@gmail.com.

Here's what past people have said about it. 

My goodness you put so much effort into this !  You're a blessing. Thank you. - Corrie Francis