Succesful Self-Care Weekly Planner

Succesful Self-Care Weekly Planner


This is the easy to followstep by step,  weekly planner I use to set and crush goals, stay focused on what matters most FOR ME and TO ME, and makes me feel like I have my  sh*t  together like all the perfectly coiffed pinterest  and instafamous moms out there.  

You CAN  use this to make progress, stay focused and keep a mindset of success even if you have the attention span of a flea, hoard planners but never use them or are the least organized person on the planet.  It's that simple and you owe it to yourself to make this the last time you start over. 


Page 1 - Instructions on how to use it to kick ass ( because hell yes!) 

Page 2 - Focus and Intentions - what do you want to accomplish, make progress on and be your focus in each area of your life for the week? 

Page 3 - The Plan - The HOW. The actions that you are going to practice, take consistently or do to get closer to what would make you feel good at the end of the week. 

Page 4 - The Daily Plan - Write out your daily priorities in order of importance, schedule the time of day to do them and check off those bad boys as you kick ass, AND keep track of and check off each self-care non-negotiable for the day as well. SWEET! 

Page 4 - Weekly Reflections - This is where it's like having me over your shoulder. AWESOME right?   Straight forward but important questions that will allow you to focus on what worked for the week and what didn't so you can tweak and move on. 

Page 5 - Inspirations - To support your mindset and keep you focused on the thoughts that are going to support you as you work towards your goals.  


Up until now it's only been available to current clients who said things like this about it : 

Luciana, this is amazing! Love the branding, the prompts it’s so perfect!  - Sarah Shard

This looks perfect!  - Adria Afferino

ACT NOW so you can  be that irritating person who's giddily skipping around because you've already crushed your new years resolutions and goals! 


* New updated colors of the planner are not reflected in this picture but are fabulous still. :) 



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