Luciana Naldi

What I do, Why I do it and How it can help you.....

I help people fed up and frustrated with “ diet culture” and fitness industry b.s. set their own rules, live their version of healthy and happy and rock the skin they’re in.


Self-Care Ninja and Twin Herder
mom/life Balance 

My husband and I cannon balled into parenthood when we unexpectedly and spontaneously welcomed two sets of twins two and a half years apart. Read on to learn more about how IT TRANSFORMED our lives in the most AWESOME WAY and how it can HELP YOU. 

My favorite shot from the Dove Real Beauty Campaign.

My favorite shot from the Dove Real Beauty Campaign.

Alopecia Warrior and Beauty rebel

April 2018

From being called a man ( yeah that really happened!) to having the honor of being part of Dove's Real Beauty campaign. I share the biggest lessons learned and wisdom gained on a my journey to and through becoming a bald, bold beauty. 

Speaker, Teacher and People Encourager

Having spent 10 years as a high school educator and  championship winning basketball coach and the last 4 as an entrepreneur,  guiding, supporting and uplifting others is IN MY BLOOD. It's what I do and who I am.  It's not something I picked up randomly. I've practiced and honed my skills in it in various capacities ( online and offline), with a variety of age groups ( kinder through adults) and topics of focus.  While I will always be a student of life, I enjoy and am honored to teach anything and everything that has allowed me to find success in motherhood, health, happiness and this crazy circus called life.