My sStory

 I'm Luciana Naldi, Self Care Coach and Strategist. I stand unapologetically for habits and a way of living that supports the mind and the body together.   I currently work supporting and guiding anyone ready for a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE in implementing habits that will support THEIR VISION of exactly what that is. I also travel around teaching and speaking on all of the above as much as I can in between shuttling my 8 year old twins and 6 year old twins and staying happily married.

Here's my story in short order fashion : 

* 2008- Extremely happy teaching and coaching high school basketball, Physical Education, Olympic Weightlifting. Became a Certified U.S.A.W. Olympic Weightlifting Coach Level 1 and used it to empower girls to see their own strength and any age and believe in their ability to use their body as an instrument instead of an ornament. Used this model of strength and empowerment to win 3 Championships as a Women's Basketball Coach and take two students to a National Weightlifting Competition in Florida.  

*2009 - Married at age 30 to my best friend and man of my dreams. Continued my education and earned a Diploma in Sports Nutrition while teaching and coaching still. 

*2010- First set of twins arrives ( two girls), stay home for 5 months then back to teaching. Excited to lose the 70 lbs I gained with the pregnancy, continue teaching and coaching and daily movement.  Do my first mini-triathalon to celebrate the amazingness of what my body had endured, overcome and built in the span of a year and a half. 

*2012- Second set of twins arrive! ( a boy and a girl) Yikes! Second round of 70 lbs weight gain starts to come off much SLOWER than the first round.  Start to feel pressure to change my body to what it was before and become critical and judgmental of myself when that doesn't happen.  The more I view my body from a negative standpoint and from what I see lacking or view as inferior, the further I the more pressure I put on myself to change, with less time to do it. I'm nursing two babies every 3 hours AND watching toddlers while my husband is at work.  At this time, I  take a  one year sabbatical from teaching to get my sh*% together. 

*2013 - Quit my career to become a stay at home mom and care for the twin tribe. This is when my identity crisis began. No longer an athlete. No longer a teacher. No longer a coach. No longer feeling visible to the world. I struggled deeply at this time with wanting to be independent and have an identity separate than motherhood and wanting to be present and joyful while raising my children. I felt guilty for feeling unfulfilled by only being a mother, when so many of my friends struggled to have one child and I was here popping out litters.  I struggled with not contributing financially to the family anymore and came to hate the question " what do you do? "  from strangers or people who would ask. I couldn't bear the glazing over of eyes that would occur when I said ' I'm a stay at home mom" when deep inside I wanted to scream "I'm so much more! " This led to a lot of soul searching, introspection and to start a business that failed, but taught me so much, introduced me to personal development and the idea of mindset and gave me the tools to create the life and business that is a true representation of who I am and what I value.  Then I began to reach out to others who were struggling and ....

*2014 - My business of helping others IN A NEW and DIFFERENT WAY was born. I began writing about my struggles and that supported people. I began taking action to support my mental health and happiness as frequently as I was taking action to support my physical health and happiness and that inspired and supported others in doing it as well.  

* Attended Brendon Burchard"s High Performance Academy and had a life changing moment of clarity about the next direction I wanted to go in

* 2015 -  Completed my first business class every and was hooked on MINDSET and improving mine in all areas -  Emily Williams 90 Days to 6k and I Heart Success Coaching Programs 

* 2016 -  Became Pn1 - ( Precision Nutrition) Level 1 Certified, and took 5 courses in different areas over the course of the year. My Dream Team of People has included life coaches, mindset coaches, business coaches all in an effort to learn, absorb and add to my own mental toolbox so I can get my clients results. 

* Started losing my hair during this time. I began to pursue treatment, options, and help from a variety of sources, none of which worked. 

* Shaved my head in Dec. of 2016 and TRANSFORMED my mindset around beauty, body image and how I viewed myself and others. 

* 2017  - Began sharing my story and how I dealt with alopecia to inspire and empower others. 

* Was part of Dove's Real Beauty Campaign! 

* Began teaching and speaking to different audiences on my experiences and areas of expertise. ( Self-Care skills, nutrition skills, cultivating a resilient and positive mindset through changes, body image, empowerment) and ENJOYED every second of it. 

* 2018 - Worked closely for the year with One by One Nutrition to hone coaching, motivational interviewing and nutrition coaching skills. Became GGS Certified ( Girls Gone Strong) which means Iā€™m able to coach the women I work with on a higher level than before. GGS is the only woman centered health and fitness coaching curriculum that exists to support women mentally and physically throughout their lifetime.